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Up Close and Personnel

Personnel File Documents The importance of having in place complete, accurate, and appropriate employee records cannot be overstated.? Remembering that 25% of court actions are employment-related, the employee file is often a landmine where plaintiff?s attorneys make hay with the contents. Accordingly, creating and maintaining appropriate employee files is a critical first step in establishment... Read More

Covering Your Assets – Why Use Non-Compete Agreements?

Too often, we encounter small business owners who have expressed reluctance to use non-compete and other restrictive covenant agreements.? In addition to expressing concern over the cost of engaging legal counsel to draft an agreement, many believe that their business is too small to worry about non-competes or similar restrictive covenants. The term ?non-compete agreement?... Read More

Weathering the Storm

With all the talk about weather, particularly the massive storm that recently hit the East Coast, it’s?an opportune time to highlight how inclement weather can present??issues? in terms of managing human capital and/or responding to questions about how office closure affects compensation. ?Although?most issues created by weather-related office closures involve non-exempt employees, the reality is... Read More

Religious Accommodation in the Workplace ? 2016

A?December 31, 2015 Denver Post article written by Emilie Rusch and Jesse Paul reported that Cargill Meat Solutions terminated the employment of approximately 190 employees when it was unable to resolve a workplace prayer dispute with Somali workers at its Fort Morgan, Colorado meatpacking plant. ?Impacted employees allege that the plant changed its religious accommodation... Read More

Compensation Trends & 2016 Best Practices

Data from 2015 reveals that organizations of all sizes and across multiple industries, including not-for-profits, performed well, a fact that reflects continued optimism toward the U.S. economy in general. ?In an environment of growth, however slight, employers look for ways to at least maintain, if not further, revenue growth. Although revenue or charitable-giving growth objectives... Read More

Permissibility of “Use It or Lose It” Policies in Colorado ? Update

  As many of our clients are already aware, in late September, the Colorado Department of Labor (CDOL) announced that ?use-it-or-lose-it? vacation policies would no longer be permitted pursuant to its enforcement policy. ?A few short weeks later, that same office reportedly acknowledged to the Denver Post that the materials it issued on this subject... Read More
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