In addition to workplace investigative services, AR Group Consultants and HR Professionals utilize a variety of tools and strategies to provide assessment services that enable management to gain more transparent insight into the ongoing operations, dynamics, and influences within a work group or organization. Depending on the reason for conducting an assessment, we will devise options that may include listening sessions, interviews, anonymous surveys, and other strategies in an effort to provide you with the most useful information and insights so that a going forward path may be developed and/or identified issues resolved.

Whether it is an organizational assessment, cultural assessment, personality assessment, or something else entirely, we have the right HR solution for you.

“In the end, all management can be reduced to three words: people, product, and profits. People come first.”  – Lee Iacocca

Cultural/Climate Assessments

Because an organization’s policies, practices and procedures signal what is important to an organization, they influence employee and management behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions.  An effective climate assessment will provide leadership insight into the views, attitudes and sentiments of those who work in the organization, and thereby enable management to further enhance, align, and/or modify existing policies, practices, and procedures to ensure messaging promotes organizational objectives. Let us help.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Assessments

It is axiomatic that a company’s success is determined by its people. Creating a culture where everyone feels welcome is only the beginning, working toward establishing a true sense of belonging for all is the goal. But how?

To achieve a forward-thinking workplace, it is necessary first to identify the degree to which the current workforce perceives the organization’s leadership, policies, and practices to be objectively fair, equitable, duly and sincerely considerate of the concerns of all. We can help.

Organizational Assessments

Through utilization of a systemic process, data is collected and analyzed to identify factors that impact organizational performance so that areas of strength as well as opportunity may be identified. The process results in delivery of a report that helps leaders assess where their organization is in the change process, identify organizational gaps, transformation risks/issues and determine what they need to do as they move through the process. 

Customized Surveys, Employee Interviews, and DiSC

Utilizing customizable tools, we guide clients through the tough challenges inherent in today’s rapidly changing workplace. Whether endeavoring to navigate an organizational restructuring or resolving systemic culture challenges, interpersonal development tools build credibility and facilitate long-term project success.