Managing Employee Wellness During Halloween: Tips for a Healthy Celebration

October 25, 2023 Employment Law

Halloween is many people’s favorite holiday of the year. From costumes to candy, there is a lot to like, and October 31 gives people of all ages the opportunity to expose their inner child. While employers can celebrate Halloween, there are some important workplace health and safety considerations involved, and companies of all sizes should ensure that their celebrations are appropriate from the risk management and compliance perspectives.

Key Considerations for Safe and Healthy Workplace Halloween Celebrations

So, what can (and should) your company do to have a safe and healthy Halloween celebration in 2023? Here are some key considerations:

  • Be Very Careful About Serving Alcohol – Although employers can generally serve alcohol at Halloween parties, doing so presents a variety of risks. As a result, those that plan on serving alcohol—whether onsite or at a rented venue—should ensure that they are taking all of the necessary precautions to prevent overconsumption, underage consumption, harassment, and drunk driving.
  • Serve Healthy Foods – While sweet treats and Halloween go hand-in-hand, employers should consider catering their Halloween parties with healthy (or at least mostly healthy) foods. Healthy foods can still be delicious, creative and put people in the holiday spirit.
  • Cater to Employees with Dietary Restrictions – Whether due to health, religious or other reasons, employees may have a variety of dietary restrictions. To ensure that everyone can partake, employers should also cater their Halloween parties with foods that work for all types of diets.
  • Choose Your Company’s Halloween Party Location Carefully – Whether your company is planning to hold its Halloween party onsite or at a rented venue, you should choose the party’s location carefully. Make sure it is in good condition, well-lit and does not present unnecessary health and safety hazards.
  • Make It Easy for Employees to Fit In – Not everyone wants to wear a costume, and vegetarians and vegans don’t want to feel ostracized or left out because of their food consumption choices. So, make it clear that costumes are optional (if allowed at all), and consider offering a variety of food options that everyone can enjoy.
  • Make It Clear that the Company’s Normal Employment Policies Still Apply – While employers can make exceptions for costumes and alcohol during Halloween parties, they should otherwise make clear that their normal employment policies still apply. All employees should treat one another with respect and decency, and they should avoid any comments or conduct that cross the line to discrimination or harassment.

While these are some of the key considerations involved in putting on a safe and healthy workplace Halloween celebration, this list is not exhaustive. To make sure your company is doing what is necessary, contact us for a confidential consultation at AR Group.

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