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Our legal team holds honors and degrees from highly respected institutions and offers expertise gained from decades of experience. Set an appointment online and speak with someone today.
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While many of your business relationships will be formed by trust, contracts are the way you document that trust and set expectations. We offer a variety of solutions at prices you can afford.
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Human resources management is a critical part of mitigating your liability as an employer. Our consultants can help you create and implement a strategy that keeps your employees productive.
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Our diverse team of experienced attorneys can provide you with the right set of documents for your needs. Whether you are looking for a solution for your business, your employees or your family The AR Group has you covered. See the various ways we can help.

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We’ve seen it dozens of times. Emerging companies attempt to skimp on HR because they think they can: only to realize that not having the proper HR policies, procedures, and expertise quickly drains an organization from multiple perspectives. This is our sweet spot.

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About Us

Recognizing the excess of “not so smart” options available for legal services, The AR Group fills the void. We deliver uncommonly smart law–providing access to experienced and highly credentialed PEOPLE and delivering services with efficient, client-centric PROCESSES… all for a price that is equally smart.

Our team includes legal and HR experts who hold honors and degrees from highly respected institutions and offer expertise gained from decades of experience. We are staffed with attorneys licensed to practice law in Colorado, Minnesota and New Mexico. Having worked for large, traditional law firms we know what “not to do” when it comes to bureaucracy and inflated hourly fees. And having held senior positions at both small companies and large corporations, we understand your needs and make your interests our highest priority.

We’ve foregone the marble columns, fancy artwork and creamy butter leather chairs and we never aspire to have them. We work virtually… which suits us and benefits you by providing access to highly talented professionals that you can afford and justify.

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