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12 Days of Business: Review Your Employee Handbook

Day 10:

As our clients are well aware, we have consistently highlighted the importance of having a well crafted and culturally appropriate employee handbook in place. It not only advises employees of the company?s rules, policies, and expectations, but also protects the business against the risk of employee lawsuits and similar complaints and claims.

Drafting an effective employee handbook is not just a one-time event. Just as companies evolve over time, so do federal, state, and local laws related to management of human capital. Accordingly, it is imperative that employee handbooks be regularly reviewed and revised to ensure that they are in keeping with the current regulations.

Whatever industry the employee handbook covers, five important elements in handbooks include: policies regarding harassment and discrimination, email and technology use policy, attendance and overtime, disclaimer, and a handbook acknowledgment (to be collected from employees following revisions).