We leverage today’s technology to deliver traditional, high-quality legal and HR services in an uncommonly smartTM manner. We’ve foregone the marble columns, fancy artwork and creamy butter leather chairs and we never aspire to have them. We work virtually…which suits us and benefits you by providing access to highly talented professionals that you can afford and justify.

But, that’s not to say you won’t see us. In fact, we come to you. We show up when you need us and work within the timeframes that drive your business…not ours. Think of us as your own “on-demand” legal team. At The AR Group—it’s all about you. We can serve as your virtual general counsel, a part-time, on-site or off-site legal service provider, or simply help with discrete services such as document creation or review. Whether you are a large, global corporation or a smaller, emerging company…no matter how big or small the initiative, our built-in flexibility empowers us to deliver based on your unique parameters.

The AR Group Process

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