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Background Checks and EEOC Litigation

This is the second blawg in a series that we began in an effort to summarily highlight the EEOC?s stated objectives as outlined in the Strategic Enforcement Guidelines issued in January of 2013.? ?As noted previously, one of the primary issues the EEOC identified as needing attention was ?Eliminating Barriers in Recruiting and Hiring.? ?One... Read More

The EEOC?s Strategic Enforcement Plan

The EEOC has made no secret of its general agenda over the next two years as the Strategic Enforcement Plan for 2013 ? 2016, released in January of 2013, establishes its priorities as investigation, enforcement and litigation, with an emphasis on attacking ?systemic discrimination.? The Commission stated that the guiding principle for the Strategic Enforcement... Read More

Effective Onboarding = Risk Management

When a company decides to hire employees, it undertakes not only a major monetary commitment, but has to confront the fact that the relationship itself has the potential to create downstream liabilities. Employers should be wary of possible claims of discrimination, retaliation, wage and hour, and even theft of company information or trade secrets. What... Read More