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As of last week, another United States Circuit Court?has called into question the Expert Witness testimony offered by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that led the Commission to issue Guidelines restricting reliance on Background Check Investigation information.? As some may recall, a few years ago, the Commission determined that because certain background checks may have... Read More

Remember Exemptions to the FLSA

I was recently asked to assist a client in drafting various onboarding documents including offer documentation for commissioned and non-commissioned sales personnel. This particular client happened to be a service establishment and as we began review of the client?s documents, it became immediately apparent that the client had not taken advantage of the ?Overtime Exemption?... Read More

Contracts 101: Indemnity Clause

When reviewing legal documents, indemnity clauses often are enmeshed within a host of other ?standard? contract provisions, which a contracting party often accepts as written. Based upon how the language is drafted, however, the risk to a party could be significant. This is particularly important when insurance would not cover an indemnified claim. Typical indemnity... Read More