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Holiday Cheer or Fear?

By Victoria Aguilar It?s that time of year when the holiday season provides a reason to bring workforces together ? unofficially or officially ? to contemplate the year?s events or simply to have fun. This time-honored, year-end tradition can take many forms, but at most organizations it still exists in some sense. But for many... Read More

Employee Eligibility Updates

By Victoria Aguilar All employers should understand that the Colorado Employment Verification Law (? 8-2-122, C.R.S.) requires employers to affirm within 20 days of hiring a new employee in the state that they have not knowingly hired an illegal alien and have examined the legal work status of the new employee. Completion of this state... Read More

Social media use in the workplace

By Victoria Aguilar To what extent can employers reasonably regulate employee conduct and the use of electronic communications and social media? Two recent court decisions provide some guidance, although questions do remain. In the recent Costco Wholesale Corp. decision, the National Labor Relations Board held that Costco’s defamation policy that prohibited employees from electronically posting... Read More