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Liabilities Lurking?

By Christine Wilkinson What hidden liabilities are lurking in your business?? While accountants provide assistance in terms of ensuring that our books, funds, accounts, and financial records are compliantly (and hopefully strategically) maintained, lawyers assess business risk through a different lens.? As a business law firm, The AR Group works with clients to assess operational... Read More

Just When You Thought it Was Safe: Supervisor Fired for Facebook Attack That Exposed Employee?s Abuse of Leave

By Christine Wilkinson At this point, the reality that employers can terminate employees for posting negative comments about their bosses on Facebook is not new.? But the dust certainly has not yet settled in this hotly contested legal area. A recent case provides a novel twist… What happens when a supervisor posts comments to the... Read More

Is Veganism a Religion Deserving of Workplace Accommodation?

By Christine Wilkinson Hopefully employers are aware of the legal requirement to accommodate an employee?s religion in the workplace. ?Under Title VII, employers cannot discriminate against individuals because of their religion in hiring, firing and other terms and conditions of employment. Title VII also requires employers to reasonably accommodate the religious practices of an employee... Read More

Employers Facing More Hurdles on Social Media?

By Christine Wilkinson At the end of December 2012, Michigan became the fifth state to pass a law prohibiting employers and educational institutions from requiring certain individuals to provide their employer with access to their personal social media accounts. The Social Network Account Privacy Act now prohibits employers and educational institutions from asking applicants, employees,... Read More